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Who we are

Goagric is a farming investment company with a national network that supports investments across the entire farming chain in Nigeria. Goagric focuses on identifying private equity opportunities in agriculture businesses in Nigeria.

Goagric Investment professionals are experts in farming investing. Our investment team work collaboratively across geographies to share insights, intelligence, and expertise that help identify compelling high growth and long-term opportunities.

Goagric Investment seek to provide investors with number of benefits include:

  • Attractive returns
  • Excellence capital preservation
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Low to moderate risk

This site provides an introduction to farming as an investment opportunity. Please contact us if you have questions about our farming investment fundamentals or if you would like to know about how we can value add your portfolios.

Compelling Investment Opportunities

Goagric believes the Agriculture sector offer compelling investment opportunities along the entire agriculture chain. These opportunities result from tight supply and demand conditions.

With our unique combination of targeted investment expertise and deep-rooted foundation in the agriculture industry. We believe Goagric is ideally positioned to be valuable partner. Goagric is one of the largest managers of farming investment for individual investors and companies.

Our company acquires, develops and manage diversified high-quality permanent and crop farmland portfolios located through major lucrative farmland region around the country.

Our core investment philosophy is to utilize the power of diversification across commodity types, Gographics and management approaches. Overtime diversified farmland portfolios are more likely to deliver higher returns and reduced risk profiles as commodity market.
Goagric select Investments from an array of crops types, geographic regions, and management styles to construct a farmland investment portfolios that meet the objective of the investors.

A Vertically Integrated Focused Farmland Investment Group

Our dedicated agricultural investment team includes professionals with graduate degrees in accounting, agriculture, business economics, engineering and finance. In addition, many of our team members have direct farming experience or are only a generation removed from farm families.

Our personnel actively manage different farmland assets across many states in Nigeria.

Our integrated platform allows us to readily identify market changes and accurately benchmark risk-adjusted performance between locations of our farmlands.

Together our farming experience and investments expertise create a unique foundation for informed decisions and solid performance.

Portfolio Management: A client-centered approached.

Our disciplined approach to portfolio management centers on ongoing dialogue and transparent details reporting to our investors. We work with our clients to establish investment objectives that meet their overall portfolio needs. These objective form the basis for an investment policy and guidelines that direct our acquisition management and ongoing evaluation of their portfolio of farming investment, we accomplish this by acquiring the right size farmland in the appropriate locations, actively managing them to the highest standards. All to maximize investor returns. We communicate with our clients regularly through reporting and portfolios reviews, the client account management team provides a valuable liaison between the client and our operations personnel. The team ensures all client requests are responded to promptly and thoroughly by the appropriate subject matter expert. We strive for top-class client service, inspiring trust through transparent reporting and communication enabling our clients to implement their mandates effectively.

Acquisitions Team

Our team includes office and location staff. These individuals are responsible for supporting our broad acquisitions efforts from sourcing opportunities to closing transactions.

Sourcing Farmland Opportunity

Goagric draws on the network and expertise of our extensive network of property managers to identify target farmland for acquisition. Goagric also sources investments through relationships with a number of strategic partners in key agricultural industries and regions.

Valuing potential Acquisitions

Our valuations procedures is multifaceted and encompasses input from our acquisitions farm management, asset management, research and portfolio management teams. Each investment is valued based on reasonably expected crop yields on the farmland as well as our outwork on prevailing and anticipated future markets.

Due Diligence

While the most important criteria we consider are soil quality and water supply other key consideration include locations, crop type, capital improvements, current return, appreciation potential, farm unit size, environmental assessment, legal and title considerations.

Farmland Stewardship

Goagric is committed to provide best-in-class farm management stewardship. Our goal is to improve overall returns, reduce risk and improve alignment of interests while protecting and enhancing environmental and social aspects of the lands we manage.
We recognize these high standards require continuous improvement in all aspects of our farm operations.

Sustainability is a critical factor in the management of long term asset such as farm land investment platform, we strive to implement a land stewardship ethic that harmonizes the growing, managing and harvesting of agricultural products with consideration for soil, air and water quality.